Lliyani C'bana Siaco

Tribe of the Twilight

Shapes moved about in the dim half-light of dusk, or was it dawn? The horizon turned a pale green, while the rest of the sky remained deep purple, and the two colors met in an epic battle overhead, the purple of night making war on the blue-gold of day, or perhaps the other way around. No telling who was winning, but the silent struggle continued on endlessly, in this land of eternal Twilight.

Welcome! You've stumbled across the home of the Realm's resident tribe of C'bana, a species that migrated here from Pegorn, generations ago, and have since began calling it home as well.
From here you can read up on all sorts of info, view already fostered Lliyani C'bana, and, if you're up for it and there are foals about, adopt one yourself. Have a look around, take your time, and fly an email over to unykness@pegaruny.com if you have any questions that aren't answered here.