The Nests

Here you will find information on any available hatchlings, whether purebred SaaShiyovi or mixed breed born in Lliyani, as well as a list of candidates for said hatchlings.
To send in a candidate for any clutch listed below, simply follow this link to the Nexus, find the 'Candidates and Clutches' forum, and post your form in the appropriate thread.

Clutch #13:
(Deadline: Jan 3)

Mother Father Type Notes
Keromazon Mei'Ontainde
2 eggs available!
Mossamang Houten

Candidates for Clutch #13:
Dakan Zulistin - Kendarath
Aurick - Jenn
Toretera Selamputo - Midori
Noriko - Kari
Vanessa Ethridge - Phe

Clutch #14:
(Deadline: ---)

Mother Father Type Notes

Candidates for Clutch #14: