• You really should read at least a little of the information on the web site before applying, you know?

  • Adopting a SaaShiyovi requires a web page with some written content, preferrably a status page (though this is not required), and a link back to the main page. (Angelfire and Geocities are good places to look into for free web space.) Other creatures worked into the story are fine.
  • The status page needs to have at least the following information:

    Meaning: (if applicable)
    Magical Abilities:
    From: Valley of the Sky

  • An email account is also required so we can reach you, and you can reach us. ( or provide free email addresses).

  • Once each stage is sent out, adopters will have one week to update their pages. Extentions will be granted for good reasons; please email me to request one.

  • You know the drill. Do not alter the images, claim them to be your own, or give them out to anyone else.

  • If you have any questions, fire them off to and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Check the Skies and Nests for open flights and clutches. If there are no availabilities, pease do not send in any forms, just try back again later to see if there are any openings, though I will announce any availability at the Nexus.

Thank you!
~The Staff of Lliyani Inc.