In sharp contrast with the last places you've visited woth Samanayrs or Lamanayrs, where you were freezing unless you were near their hot springs, this tropical climate had you sweating within five minutes of your arrival.
You look around for any sign of the strange relative of Samanayrs that's supposed to live here, but, as usual, there's no sign. A chirping in the canopy calls your attention, but it's probably just a bird. Sounds kinda like the chittering of an angry squirrel. All of the Samanayrs you've met had trilling songs that they greeted you with, nothing half as curt as the the call above you. The noise came again, closer to the ground this time, but you still ignored it. The air is filled with sounds, and you're straining your ears to catch the first notes of a new song. You turn your head slightly, thinking that you might have heard something behind you, and blink when your eyes catch a movement in the leaves of a huge tree.
"Hello?" you call out. The thing chirps angrily, and you're surprised to realize that this Samanayr realative doesn't use the normal singing involved in Samanayr speech.
It chrips again, "Away! Stepping in lunch!!" you blink and look down. Oops, it's right.. you are standing in a small pile of nuts and berries. You jump back quickly, but in vain; the food is now thruoughly squished. "Sorry," you turn your head back up to the Samanayr, but it's not there anymore. Now, that's strange.
Another movement closer to you catches your eye. It's the Samanayr again, spiraling down the tree like a squirrel.. if squirrels had scales. You blink, startled. Not only did it have scales, but the most visible difference between this one and the others you'd already met; it had a row of long spines down it's back. It's tail was long and whip-like, and probably prehensile, judging by the way it kept wrapping around branches and slipping into cracks as the new creature decended. Not only that, but instead of hooves, this Samanayr had claws..

When it had finished it's descent, it peered out from behind the tree at about eye level. You can't tell if it's a mare or a stallion, since with the other Samanayrs it was fairly apparent in their body language and speech. It chirps again, adding a curious-sounding upnote to it's call.
"Hello," you say again, smiling hopefully. You wonder where that angry charge went, but you're just as glad not to have this little thing angry with you; it looks dangerous!
"Hallo," it squeaks. It regards you with curious green eyes. "Talon of the Hidden yRainfoyrest. You?" You introduce yourself, smiling a encouragingly. Talon nods shortly "Suppose you 'yready met otheyrs?" You nod and Talon continues. "Not a yreally Samanayr. Chikyr. Only one." Talon chirps at you. It's speech patterns are reminiscant of Samanayrs, but instead of long explanitive songs, this one uses short, concise chirps. Even the name 'Chikyr' is brief.
The last part of Talon's introduction makes you ask "Only one?"
"Yes." she chrips shortly. You wait a moment for Talon to continue, but she says nothing more, simply peering at you from behind the tree trunk.
"You mean you're the only one of your kind?" you ask gently.
Talon nods.
You blink, then ask "Where are the others?"
She shrugs "No otheyrs."
You're not sure you heard right, or understand her meaning propperly, but decide to let it go. Instead, you change the subject. "I don't suppose you'd care to come out in the open so I can see you better, would you?"
Talon hesitates a moment, then asks "Hand?" you pause a second before catching on, then you hold out your hand to her and she leaps from her pertch onto your hand. She has no more weight than the other Samanayrs, though she feels more like a dragonet because of her claws. Her tail wraps reflexively around your fingers and she perches in your palm, her foreclaws resting on your thumb as she watches you. She seems skiddish, but then again, that makes sense; she lives in a jungle.. where there could be possible threats every second.
"You're very pretty," you compliment her, admiring her bright red belly scales, claws and accents. She flicks her ears back in the equine equivalent of a pleased blush.
"Thanks," she chirps. "You'yre big." You almost laugh, but obviously the Chikyr deemed it an appropriate compliment, so you nod, accepting it as one. After all, you are very much bigger than the little being in your hand.
Talon glances around fleetingly "Attyract attention, go back now?" you suddenly understand her anxiety. A small creature is food for larger ones, though they hide more easily. Bigger creatures, like clumsy humans, attract alot of attention, which is bad for Talon.
You nod and Talon leaps off of your hand to her tree. You turn to return to the portal, but suddenly remember the berries Gems had given you for Talon. "I'm sorry for stepping your lunch," you say "Will these work instead?" you hold out the few strawberries and rasberries. Talon's eyes enlarge doubly and she almost pounces on your hand "Yes, yes!" she chirps happily. You set the berries down at the base of the tree near where the others had been, and Talon scrambles down, apparently overcome with glee at having this special treat brought her.
You smile to yourself and head back the way you had come, back to Gems and Flicker.

Name: Talon of the Hidden Rainforest
Gender: Mare
Species: Chikyr Samanayr
Birth Song: N/A
Parents: Wild
Current Song: N/A