Item Base Price*
Half page, line drawing $5
Full page, line drawing $10
Half page, inked $10
Full page, inked $15
Half page, half color $10-15
Full page, half color $15-20
Half page, full color $15-20
Full page, full color $20-30

Extras Price*
Watercolor painting $10-40, depending on size and ammount of detail. Please ask.
Prismacolor pencil/marker colored +$1-5, depending on number of colors and complexity.
Background +$5-10, depending on image size (half page/full page), and ammount of detail desired.
Computer Coloring Discount** If you request that your image be computer-colored rather than hand-colored, you will recieve a discount on the total price. Ammount varries, please ask. (Note: If you request that your image be printed, there is a small fee that may counteract discount.)

* All prices shown here are in USD. Shipping is free within the US, $1-3 elsewhere. Please ask.

**Computer-colored images will be sent to buyer via email with no shiping charge. If buyer requests a hard copy, the image will be printed at a high resolution (at buyer's expense; approx. $2) and mailed.

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